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Pioneering a Cyber- Secure Web3 OS through Sustainable AI-CHAIN

Zyber 365 Group is a Leading multinational conglomerate enriching lives. In- consensus sustainability. Layer-1 built on EVM Compatible POA . Zyber 365 School of Blockchain (ZSB) . Zyber 365 Retail AI Cashless Stores.Zyber 365 VC Fund. Web3 and AI based OS, the new innovative operating system that combines the power of Cyber Security and Quantum Proofing to create Sustainable and Affordable Solutions for Future through L-1 Chain.


About Our Company

Providing a Cyber-Secure OS
Leveraging Web3 Technology

We are an innovative enterprise that prioritises the development of a sustainable AI-chain which will form the core of our operating system with the objective of delivering a decentralised and secure working environment.

Zyber 365 School of Blockchain ( ZSB)

Learn Blockchain and Web development Courses with us

Layer-1 Blockchain

Blockchain protocols to develop OS and various other DAPs

Zyber 365 Retail AI Cashless Stores

Leveraging cutting edge AI Autonomous Checkout Store solutions with own EV charging stations on pumps to enable transparency, security and personalization

Zyber 365 VC Fund

Early stage VC fund to invest in sectors data and engineering focused areas including AI, cybersecurity , blockchain, EduTech ,Metaverse/Gaming , Defence/Aerospace ,ClimateTech

Our Team

Meet Our team members

Pearl Kapur

Chairman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kabir Lovee Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer

Samiraj Singh

Chief Financial Officer

Our Solutions

Developing the Ecosystem for
Decentralised and Cyber-Secure
Products and Applications

Zyber 365 Group is a Leading multinational conglomerate enriching lives. In- consensus sustainability. Layer-1 built on EVM Compatible POA #Securing The Globe. Zyber 365 Group to launch its own Zyber 365 School of Blockchain (ZSB) for students to learn blockchain and Web development courses with us . Zyber 365 Group to launch its own Zyber 365 Retail 24/7 AI Cashless stores on pumps with EV charging stations.We are aiming to provide a sophisticated and futuristic collection of decentralised OS, applications and programs to replace the traditional operating system and its subsequent applications Through L-1 chain in consensus sustainability. Web3 applications provide a robust safety framework as the technology operates on the fundamentals of encryption and decryption, which is a complex procedure and requires a decryption key.


Zyber 365 School of Blockchain ( ZSB)


Zyber 365 School of Blockchain ( ZSB)

It is an initiative of ZYBER 365 BlockTech to deliver high-quality blockchain training programs to individuals, institutions and enterprises. Today we are in talks of collaboration with Multiple Universities. The aim of the Program is to equip students with Industry relevant blockchain exposure and to make them corporate ready. ZYBER 365 BlockTech envisions a world where individuals are empowered with the knowledge and skills to drive innovation in the decentralized landscape of blockchain technology. We aim to be a catalyst for fostering a community of forward-thinking individuals capable of leveraging blockchain's potential to reshape industries and societies. Our mission is to empower the next generation of blockchain innovators and professionals and to become first Pioneer School of Blockchain In India and across the globe .


Layer-1 Blockchain


Layer-1 Blockchain

Zyber 365 will also offer a Layer-1 blockchain solution, which will act as a foundational infrastructure for multiple blockchain applications and use cases. The creation of this Layer-1 blockchain includes the development and deployment of a sophisticated framework that encompasses key components such as consensus mechanisms, network architecture, data structure, smart contract functionality, governance models, interoperability, testing, security, and community development.

Security and Sustainability is
our Topmost Priority

  • AI-Chain is designed to protect users against unauthorised access.

  • Effective utilisation of quantum technology to conduct the transactions between two Blockchains 

  • Web3 browsers empower users to have greater control over their online privacy.

  • User can customise the security settings based on its requirements.

  • With up-to-date encryption and secure key management, user data is kept secure at all times.

  • State-of-the-art firewall that is designed to prevent malicious attacks.

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