Pearl Kapur

Chairman , Zyber 365 Group

India’s Youngest Billionaire

Mr Pearl Kapur is the Chairman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Zyber 365 Group , which is a leading multinational conglomerate enriching lives in -consensus sustainability.

Pearl Kapur is India’s Youngest Billionaire at 27. Mr Kapur , a first- generation entrepreneur, studied MSC Investment Banking (CFA Pathway) from Queen Mary University of London is driven by the core philosophy of “Securing The Globe” through his nation-building vision. Each of the Group’s businesses focuses on security and sustainability to help accelerate the growth of Nation.

Zyber 365 Group is a leading multinational conglomerate with businesses spanning in data and engineering focused areas including AI, Education, Cybersecurity , Blockchain, Metaverse/Gaming , Defence/Aerospace, ClimateTech .

Mr Kapur aims to make India one of the most significant players in AI and Web3 Blockchain Education World by investing in the Indian Education system and securing the nation with its own L-1 Chain and Web3 OS . He dreams of making India self- reliant in security