Layer 2 Blockchain

Zyber 365 is committed to the development of a Layer-2 solution, a strategic initiative designed to enhance capabilities, and address scalability challenges in the existing Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem. This undertaking leverages the potential of Layer-2 technologies to unlock new opportunities and elevate overall performance.

The primary objective of the Layer-2 solution is to overcome limitations associated with the Layer-1 blockchain, including restricted transaction throughput and scalability concerns. By implementing Layer-2, the network's transaction processing capacity can be significantly expanded, enabling more efficient handling of a larger volume of transactions.

Furthermore, Layer-2 blockchains offer valuable interoperability advantages by facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between different Layer-2 blockchains operating within the same ecosystem. This interoperability is achieved through the implementation of standardized protocols and frameworks that establish a shared language and set of rules for communication.

We would like to inform our valued visitors that Zyber 365 has not launched any form of cryptocurrency or crypto token. Please be aware of any misrepresentation or false claims associated with our name.